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Francis Maxwell

Meet TYT Host and self-made fashion enthusiast Francis Maxwell.  Our very own Scottish native insists on stressing that he did not study fashion or has substantial experience in the industry, but instead boasts that he is an everyday guy who believes that dressing accordingly has the power to sculpt the day ahead, and who would argue?

(Have you seen his bowtie and suspender collection?)

Francis has always taken pride in his appearance, but this is not because of his love for clothes or because he is a vain selfie-snapping-mirror-hog (we must have the wrong Scotsman!  Instead, our beloved "Franny Mac" takes pride in his appearance simply because he wants to prepare for what this life has to offer, and "that starts from your briefs outwards!"

(Nicely put!)

Ana Kasparian

Since beginning her role with The Young Turks as a fill-in Producer in 2007,  Ana Kasparian has continually climbed though the ranks, eventually culimating in her position today as the co-cost alongside Cenk Uygur.  Additionally, she has served as producer and contributor for Current TV and MSNBC.  During Ana's tenure, the TYT Network has been honored for a variety of different accolades, including the 2011 People's Webby Award for "Best News & Political Series" as well as the 2009 "Best Political News Site" award. 


Ana helped launch "Styleogue" on TYT Network after looking for an outlet to share her love for fashion (I mean, have you seen her legendary "red power dress?").  Her enthusiasm for clothing has been an excellent way to unwind after reporting on serious news and politics on The Young Turks.


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