#TransformationTuesday: Jason Rubin of TYTSports

What’s better than walking into Happy Hour looking like a million bucks?  Walking into Happy Hour looking like a million bucks without breaking the bank! 

Changing your style shouldn’t cost you a lot of cash.  Every week on Styleogue, Francis and Ana will show you how to revamp your casual weekday wear into a perfect outfit for a night on the town in a segment we like to call #TransformationTuesday!  The best part?  This trendy duo will transform a look for -- wait for it -- less than $100!  

Although TYT Sports Producer, Jason Rubin, may not have asked for Ana or Francis's opinion (...especially Francis's)  two cents, these fashion aficionados have the perfect adjustments to take his outfit from day to night, without breaking the bank (last money pun, we promise).

With a quick shirt swap, a cuff, a highly contested addition of either a waistcoat or vest, and a dose of confidence, Jason is looking like money (Ok, I lied).

Shop Jason’s look below (for less than one Benjamin!) to make your next after-work Happy Hour even happier:


H&M Shirt

Forever 21 Waistcoat/Vest

Perry Ellis Shoes

Have an idea of a transformation you’d like to see? Do you agree with Francis that the days of the crisp white shirt are over-- or do you side with Ana?  Let us know in the comments below and don't forget to check out the full video of Jason's transformation here:

Posted on October 14, 2014 .