#BloggersLife featuring Taye Hansberry

Manol-o, Coc-o! A blogger’s life for me…

It’s Thursday so Francis and Ana are delving into the world that is fashion blogging with, the one and only, Taye Hansberry of StuffSheLikes.com. 

Taye reveals her photography roots and how she fell into blogging.  But, it’s no surprise that when Taye finally entered the scene, she quickly became a personal style icon as she, admittedly, states that she’s been “crazy like this” about fashion since she was a little girl.

You can see why we’re crazy about Taye with her outfits on the red? Orange? Aztec? carpet.

Get on this LA fall look ASAP.  Because who doesn’t want to look like a sexy, pink marshmallow?  Yummy…






And don’t forget to check out more of Taye on her site, StuffSheLikes.com.

Every week we will be interviewing your favorite blogger’s to get the detes on their lives and latest digs, so if you are a fashionista or fashionister living in LA who would like to be on the show, let us know!

Posted on October 16, 2014 .