#TipsbyTradesy: Cleaning Out Your Closet

TGIF and TGFT (thank god, for Tradesy…duh!).

Every glorious Friday, our proud sponsors, Tradesy, are helping you start your fashionable weekend off right with an episode of Tips by Tradesy.

This week, Francis, Ana, and StuffSheLikes.com blogger, Taye Hansberry are ditching the antiquated spring cleaning for some fresh fall organization.

Now while we may not have 4 closets like style icon, Taye, we could all benefit from some good ‘ol fashioned decluttering.

To help you clean out your closet, Tradesy prompts you to go through some of your forgotten frocks (I’m talking to you, peasant top circa 2003), with some simple questions:

Will you wear it?

Does it fit anymore?

Has the season passed?

Out with the old, in with the new…and by new, we mean awesome second-hand digs from Tradesy… Check them out.  Now!

Posted on October 17, 2014 .