#TipsByTradesy: Buying an "It" Bag

It’s the weekend, and what better way to treat yourself after a long week then finally buying that “It Bag” you’ve been enviously eyeing.

What is an “It Bag”?  Im glad you asked.

  • A designer brand that is luxurious, well-made; this, however, generally comes with a luxury price tag.
  • "It Bags” come in all shapes and sizes - the most prominent examples include Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Fendi, and Marc Jacobs.
  • "It" bags have an exclusive allure because they are hard to get a hold of

Now you might be hesitant to make the move on your ever-so-sexy “it” bag.  In fact, you might exhibit one or all of these purchasing hang-ups:

  • Price tag. However, on Tradesy, you can get your It Bag of choice for up to 90% off retail; you will never feel buyers remorse because you can always re-sell your items on Tradesy.
  • Authenticity. Buying an It Bag can be difficult online because there is generally not a guarantee for authenticity. However, Tradesy has an authenticating service provided to all customers at no price!
  • Seasonality. Because there is always a new It Bag, it can be hard to decide to take the plunge. However, you can purchase without worry knowing that you can sell your bag on Tradesy and make money to buy yourself the next big thing! You'll always stay current and on-trend without spending a fortune.


As you can see, Tradesy has the solution for all of your “It Bag” purchasing problems.  So forget Treat Yo’self Thursday, let’s make it Treat Yo’Self Everyday.

In case you needed more motivation Tradesy is now having their biggest Louis Vuitton sale ever! Sale ends 10/26, so hurry and get your dream “It Bag” at Tradesy now!

Posted on October 24, 2014 .