#DoppelHangers: DC Superheroes and Villains

It’s almost Halloween and what better way to start off your Monday than with some SUPER style inspiration.

This week on DoppelHANGERS, Ana and Francis, with the help of Nerd Alert’s Kim Horcher, are bringing you closet envy from your favorite DC superheroes and villains…

So it’s time to ask yourself: do you want to use your powers for good or for evil…?

If you’re feeling benevolent, Francis Maxwell…I mean, Clark Kent is the character for you!

This is a classic and easy one for you guys, plus shoptyt.com makes looking like a sexy superhero, attainable from the comforts of your home.  Add some hipster, non-prescription glasses and you’re good to go!




Now if you’re feeling a little villainous, Kim Horcher shows you a DIY Harley Quinn costume that will be sure to get you into (the good kind of) trouble. 

All you need is two colored shirts, an ounce of sewing dexterity and an affinity for Joker’s and it’s time to stir up some mayhem.

Hot Topic Black and Red pants - On Sale for $31

Black and red split tights - on sale for $7.60

Whichever side you take, you will be sure to save money and save your costume dignity with Styleogue’s expertise:

Posted on October 27, 2014 .