#TipsByTradesy: All Black Halloween

If you're trying to blend halloween themes into your everyday without having to get a costume, Tradesy is here to help you wear all black without looking like a creature of the night. 

How to rock all black:

Wear different textures - in order to add interest to your all black ensemble, using different textures for each piece will make sure that you don’t fade into the background.

It is all in the details - Having a piece or two interesting details (a graphic t-shirt, fringe, a fur wrap, etc) will bring attention to your outfit without having to wear bright colors and while still looking sleek

Accessorize - With an all black outfit, you can accessorize with more black (you can never have too much), or add in gold/silver/colored accents to your black accessories. This will make sure your outfit isn’t one note in any way.

Have a statement piece - Making one of your pieces the statement piece is a sure fire way to turn up the heat on your all black ensemble. By adding in a pair of leather leggings, or a black graphic sweater, you will be sure to turn heads.


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Posted on October 31, 2014 .