#DoppelHangers: Olivia Pope and Jared Leto

Forget Sunday Funday…it’s Monday Funday on the Styleogue set. 

This week, Francis and Hannah (filling in for Ana…we know, it’s confusing) are taking your suggestions for whose closet you’re dying to raid.

It is no surprise that for the ladies, Olivia Pope, is clearly a crowd favorite.  Looking badass in a tailored, crisp suit is no easy (or cheap) task.  But fear not, we do the work for you and provide you with affordable and Fitz-attracting-worthy options.

Whether you opt for her classic wrap jacket…



…or prefer a timeless tweed look…



Don’t think we forgot about you guys, though.  We listened to your feedback and know that Jared Leto’s style is one that you’d like to emulate…on a budget.

For a casual vibe…


Skinny Jeans

And when it’s time to step up your game…

Posted on November 3, 2014 .