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#OOTD: Winter Style (With A Side of Spring)

It may only be January, but here in Los Angeles, Spring has sprung.  Although the afternoons are boiling, the mornings and evenings still have that crisp Winter chill.  Never fear, though-- Francis is here to show you how to find a functional (and fashionable!) balance as the seasons fade.

Caught in the act.  Catch Francis's adventures via Instagram Selfies  @PreparationFashion

Caught in the act.  Catch Francis's adventures via Instagram Selfies @PreparationFashion

First things first, start off your outfit with a crisp shirt.  Franny Max keeps it interesting with a pattered button down with splashes of Spring colors.  Keeping with this feeling, he pairs this top with a light teal cotton blazer - heavy enough to keep out the early morning wind, yet light enough to keep you from feeling weighed down in the mid-day heat wave.  

Sneakers and cuffs so fresh they glow. 

Sneakers and cuffs so fresh they glow. 

Finish the outfit off with a smart pair of trousers- like these coated skinny cut jeans from Zara- and the incredibly breathable New Balance shoes (perfect for those always on the go!) 

Have a look you want to see?  Let us know below! 

Shop this look below! 

Blazer: H&M

Shirt: Topman

Trousers: Zara

Sneakers: New Balance

Steal Blake & Ryan's Post-Baby Style!

There's no doubt Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are two of the most attractive people to ever exist.  While we wait on the edges of our seats for the first photos of their newborn girl, Violet to emerge (who will probably look like a tiny baby angel princess straight from the gates of heaven, let's recap something else we admire about this celebrity duo: their wardrobe.

First things first, Blake's baby body was just unfair, proving she is actually a divine entity.  We LOVED her black and red pancho, paired with black leggings and boots, resulting in an effortlessly sexy (and comfortable!) style.   Here is a similar top we found for only $60:

Poncho: Zara

And now onto Ryan, who also pulls off this effortlessly sexy look in a simple, distressed bomber.

We found a similar jacket for only $69 -- and the best part?  It's reversible!

Jacket: Zara

For more ways to snag Blake and Ryan's celebrity style, check out these NEW videos below with co-host Taye Hansberry from Stuff She Likes! 

Our Critic's Choice Awards 2015 Round UP

I love any excuse to sit on my couch in my pajamas eating candy while watching beautiful people at the peak of physical fitness wearing fabulous designer gowns worth more than my yearly salary. 

Long story short, I LOVE awards season.  And I'm not even being sarcastic.

Last night was the A&E Critic's Choice Awards, which is like if the Golden Globes and a circus (but a fun one, not one with clowns) had a baby.  Basically, it's a show with all of your favorite stars only sort-of reading a prompter and a place where The Lego Movie didn't get snubbed (because, let's be real, it was the best movie of all time.)

However demeaning that description may have been, I promise you it was a great show with an even greater red carpet.  Here are a few of our favorite looks of the night:

1) Jennifer Anniston

She's 45.  I repeat- FOURTY.  FIVE.  And with the release of Friends on Netflix this month, 2015 has already become the Year of the Anniston. 

2) Angelina Jolie

That's right- both of Brad's women made our list.  BUT THEY'RE SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT.  While Jen is killing it in the acting scene (and showing up to the awards with her gorgeous man, Justin Theroux), Angelina made one of the most beautiful and compelling films of the year-- Unbroken.  

3) Jared Leto

Not sure why he was there.... but I'm not complaining.  PS I want those shoes.


But that's enough of a tease... check out the video below for our FULL LIST! of best and worst dressed:

Who blew you away last night?  Let us know below! 

#TransformationTuesday: Top 5 Celeb Transformations of 2014!

These celebs really took #NewYearNewMe to heart.  Here's our list of the 5 most drastic celebrity transformations of 2014: 

1) Kendall Jenner: From Little Sister to Runway Model

2) Calvin Harris: Zero to Hero

But really, we can't take our eyes off of Armani's latest heartthrob.

3) Ariana Grande: Disney Starlet to Sex Symbol

4) Chris Pratt: Basically the Most Perfect Man of All Time

(With the 6 pack to prove it.)

5) Miley Cyrus: Edgy to Off The Edge

But really, Miley, what happened? 


Its Only Rain: Dress Down For What

Alert, the rain is not made of Acid, you do not have to alter your style completely just yet.  Francis believes that unless he is being swept away by the weather, a blazer, shirt and tie is always acceptable.  Take a look at our suggested outfit and let us know what you think. 


Blazer: H&M

Shirt: H&M

Tie and Pocket Square: Michael Kors

Jeans: Forever 21

Shoes: Perry Ellis



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#Doppelhangers: Nick Jonas

After ditching his boy band attire and one heated Calvin Klein-esque photo shoot, Nick Jonas is back on the scene and bigger than ever.  But don't get jealous... we're here to teach you how to steal this singer's style, copying his looks on the red carpet and the streets of NYC.

Although we love the red suit combo on Nick, Francis suggests pairing this interesting top with a black pants to make the color stand out.

Red Blazer: ASOS

Pants: French Connection

Coat: Zara

Jeans: Zara

Check out our full video for other tips and tricks to capture the true Nick Jonas style!

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Werq It: Gym Attire

Whether you're a gym rat, a yogi, or like to hit the barre, what you wear while you exercise can influence your confidence while you sweat and thus the quality of your workout.

Check out what Francis and Hannah have to say about what they wear to the gym:

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