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Steal Blake & Ryan's Post-Baby Style!

There's no doubt Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are two of the most attractive people to ever exist.  While we wait on the edges of our seats for the first photos of their newborn girl, Violet to emerge (who will probably look like a tiny baby angel princess straight from the gates of heaven, let's recap something else we admire about this celebrity duo: their wardrobe.

First things first, Blake's baby body was just unfair, proving she is actually a divine entity.  We LOVED her black and red pancho, paired with black leggings and boots, resulting in an effortlessly sexy (and comfortable!) style.   Here is a similar top we found for only $60:

Poncho: Zara

And now onto Ryan, who also pulls off this effortlessly sexy look in a simple, distressed bomber.

We found a similar jacket for only $69 -- and the best part?  It's reversible!

Jacket: Zara

For more ways to snag Blake and Ryan's celebrity style, check out these NEW videos below with co-host Taye Hansberry from Stuff She Likes! 

#TransformationTuesday: Top 5 Celeb Transformations of 2014!

These celebs really took #NewYearNewMe to heart.  Here's our list of the 5 most drastic celebrity transformations of 2014: 

1) Kendall Jenner: From Little Sister to Runway Model

2) Calvin Harris: Zero to Hero

But really, we can't take our eyes off of Armani's latest heartthrob.

3) Ariana Grande: Disney Starlet to Sex Symbol

4) Chris Pratt: Basically the Most Perfect Man of All Time

(With the 6 pack to prove it.)

5) Miley Cyrus: Edgy to Off The Edge

But really, Miley, what happened? 


Rainy Day Apparel

Rain rain DON'T go away...because a) here in Cali, we need you desperately and b) we are digging our rainy day style.

While girls have a great opportunity to bust out fun, nautical themed jackets and cute rainboots, a la Hannah, guys have a harder time navigating how to dress for the weather.

But fear not, Francis and Hannah are laying it out for you...

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Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Rundown

For many, December brings memories of Christmas or Hanukkah, but for those who are truly in the know, December signifies the one most important event of the year...the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

Francis and Hannah are breaking down the best (and funniest!) moments from tonight's show.

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Werq It: Gym Attire

Whether you're a gym rat, a yogi, or like to hit the barre, what you wear while you exercise can influence your confidence while you sweat and thus the quality of your workout.

Check out what Francis and Hannah have to say about what they wear to the gym:

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