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Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial with Vlogger BREE ESSRIG!

The only thing we love more than vlogger and Pop Trigger Co-Host Bree Essrig's snarky sense of humor and clever parodies is her always flawless makeup and casually chic style.  

This week, we were lucky enough to have Bree visit the Styleogue Studio -- be on the look out for more videos all week.  But first, Bree shows us how to pull off one of our favorite classic makeup tricks: the cat eye.  

Spoiler Alert: Francis also gets in on the action. 

Get the look by mixing or matching Bree's beauty bag products:

#TransformationTuesday: Top 5 Celeb Transformations of 2014!

These celebs really took #NewYearNewMe to heart.  Here's our list of the 5 most drastic celebrity transformations of 2014: 

1) Kendall Jenner: From Little Sister to Runway Model

2) Calvin Harris: Zero to Hero

But really, we can't take our eyes off of Armani's latest heartthrob.

3) Ariana Grande: Disney Starlet to Sex Symbol

4) Chris Pratt: Basically the Most Perfect Man of All Time

(With the 6 pack to prove it.)

5) Miley Cyrus: Edgy to Off The Edge

But really, Miley, what happened?