We have all heard of doppelgänger-- you know, the lookalike that is assigned to us.  

Assigned.  Selected.  Labeled—as if in stone.  While we can’t help if we resemble Groucho Marx (or, for the few lucky ones, Jennifer Lawrence), but we do get a say in our celebrity doppelHANGER.

Never heard of it? 

That’s because we made it up.

DoppelHANGERS is a segment that looks specifically at ways to dress like your favorite celebrities, and, even if you bare no resemblance, you can feel just like an A-lister worth a million bucks (for a 100th of the price). 

Every week, Ana and Francis will bring you a new celebrity duo, detailing out ways to snag their style from affordable retailers.  Best of all, you -- yes, YOU -- will get to choose which famous fashionista is discussed every episode.  Whether you want tips on how to to mimic Olivia Pope's classic trench or James Dean's iconic bad-boy style, Styleogue has you covered.

Don't wait around-- watch DoppelHANGERS and submit which celebrity style you would like to replicate.