No, this is not just a pretentious segment that gives our hosts a runway to sport their favorite items of clothing (...well maybe a little.) 


#WhatWeWore Wednesday is a showcase of specific outfits that make our team feel a certain way.  Based on the theme of the segment, our hosts or model (it could be anyone-- even you!) display their go to choice and explain why it inspires confidence, originality, or even coziness -- whatever the theme may be.


Our hope is to remind viewers you don't have to be on a runway with flashing cameras to like a star-- instead, you can throw on an ensemble from even the depths of your closet and tackle the day head on!  #WhatWeWore brings you suggested outfit choices or accessories that our viewers can tryout and see if it has a similar effect.  Styleogue also encourages our fans to submit their own example of a get-up that fits the theme (please refrain from birthday suits).